Oriental Spa

800 DHs

A visit to an oriental spa in Marrakech has become a popular activity after a day visiting around. The city now boasts hundreds of “Spa’s” ranging from small heat baths in riads to the lush and spacious ones of palaces. Morocco My Way will make all arrangements for you to experience one of the best Marrakech Spa.

Steam bath as a deep cleansing and relaxing method is a tradition that goes back far in time : from the American native Indians to the Romans that expanded it in the whole Mediterranean area, it is nowadays still very much appreciated in Morocco and a part of the family life known as Hammam.

There are many public Hammams in Marrakech and many riads have also opened small spa retreats with stylish Moorish surroundings, offering a host of traditional and oriental treatments to revitalise body, mind and soul. The choice will be yours…The traditional treatment consist of a stay in the «hot» room, a body scrub with a special glove, massages with perfumed essential oils and other restorative treatments that are all designed to induce lasting well-being.

Many of the products used in traditional Moroccan Spa’s with Hammams are handmade and derived from local plants and minerals for the production of relaxing milk baths with rose petals, facials and toning mineral wraps.


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