Sugar sector organization


Founded in 1971, the APS brings together all of Morocco’s industrial operators COSUMAR S.A, SURAC, SUNABEL and SUTA.

Its main tasks are focused on:

  • Reviewing the issues related to the economic, industrial, commercial, social, regulatory and legal aspects with regard to the sugar profession;
  • Establishing a source of proposals towards public authorities with regard to the issues specific to the sugar sector,
  • Representing the sugar profession with the Administration and economic, professional and interprofessional groupings,
  • Connecting with international organizations which have direct or indirect link with sugar and whose activities are related to the sugar profession.

APS is a member of several national organizations, including: The General Confederation of Morocco’s Enterprises (CGEM), the National Federation of Food Processing Industry (FENAGRI) and Morocco’s Inter-Professional Federation of Sugar (FIMASUCRE).

At the international level, APS is a member of several international organizations and institutions involved in the sugar sector.


Players of the Federation
In order to strengthen the framework for dialogue and cooperation, improve national productivity and ensure business continuity, the sugar sector has undertaken substantive reforms, the first stage of which was the reorganization. Morocco’s Inter-Professional Federation of Sugar (FIMASUCRE) was established in June 2007 with a view to bringing together the agricultural and industrial players in the sector.

Missions of the Federation
  • Organizing, developing and integrating the sugar sector;
  • Strengthening dialogue and coordination between the various partners with a view to developing the sugar sector on the agricultural and industrial levels;
  • Advocating for sugar plant producers and processors;
  • Exchanging information and scientific and technical expertise as well as membership in national and international organizations;
  • Carrying out research and development operations.
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